Shattered horizon ISS level
ISS level screenshot
Location: Low earth orbit (d=450 km)
Distance to Earth: approx. 450 km
Mass: 500 billion metric tons
Velocity: 7700 m/s
Number of players: 4-8 (?)

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A meteoroid impact has severed the International Space Station nearly in two. MMC troops seize the opportunity to raid the crippled and understaffed station. A skeleton crew of ISA astronauts must hold out against the attack.

ISS is the most open of the three levels. The long axis of the station provides clear direction for the players. In this level players can make full use of zero gravity resulting in fast paced tactical play.

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ISS Checkpoints Flythrough

ISS Checkpoints Flythrough

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Often considered to be one of the hardest assault maps to win outright on due to the proxminity of point C and the defenders spawn, but in truth is no harder then any other assualt map.

The final point requires the whole of the attacking team to push together to overwhelm the defender's last stand, and requires you to take down any mobile defenders first.

Covering the point with at least one ICE grenade will help you take the point or at least help get your team close to the point. Be sure to take down all the defenders you can on your way in and to push with the rest of your team and final point will fall with ease.

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