This program uses the API XML feed for Shattered Horizon's stats to display your own personal stats including Shattered Horizon Achievements and network statistics. Player information updates about once every hour and network information every 15 minutes. Users can set the refresh period manually in the settings.

The gadget requires the use of the players Steam or Shattered Horizon ID in order to retrieve the required information. Users can obtain their SH ID in the settings by typing in their player name and clicking the retrieve ID button.

Feedback is appreciated and welcomed. You can send your comments via this thread here.

ChangeLog Edit


Fixed bug in background cycle code.
Fixed missing Sergeant Rank Icon.
Replace Ranks with better images.
Added Shattered Horizon Marks Rating by Morthawt.
Added missing Matches stat.
Reduced Flyout Text size from 12 to 11 to accomadate more data.
Prevented the get SH ID function from using an empty box.
Prevented the flyout being available with no XML connection or a wrong user id.
Fixed Achievements not resetting properly after changing player.

Fixed Incorrect Most Faction Played.
Fixed Wrong MMC logo.
Removed Kills with Assault and Kills with Sniper, the stats are now redundant after Firepower.

Added an Achievements page. View your Shattered Horizon Achievements!
Added grades, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, to the main flyout page beneath the XP progress bar.

Changed gadget skins, moved "Shattered Horizon" to the skin image, thus freeing up space.
Rearranged the gadget, the small version now shows Name, Rank, Players and Server.
Added a new Network Stats Page
Changed Shattered Horizon on Flyout to User name, feeing up space.
User name on Flyout links to Futuremark Stats page for user.
Network Stats on Flyout links to Futuremark Stats for network.
Removed total hours played on user summary, moved to Flight Mode page.
Added Progress bar based on player points for current rank, showing points to next rank
Added extra rank gradings, ie Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum to the gadget.
Added time and refresh settings to settings page.
Added flyout background checkbox and time to settings page, allowing the program to cycle backgrounds.
All Integer stats now separated western style.
Various other tweaks.


  • Fixed Suicides Stat - They not your points
  • Added Kills Inverted to Enemy stat
  • Added All Integer stats are comma'd to a thousand


  • Fixed SteamID usage - You can now use your Steam ID!
  • Fixed Flyout5 - Sun in background was overpowering text
  • Fixed MMC Avatar not appearing
  • Fixed XML hangs (possibly) - Awaiting feed back, timeout should be 5 seconds.
  • Added PlayerID Search - Enter your Player Name into the PlayerID button and click the arrow to find your ID automatically.

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Download Edit

DOWNLOAD HERE or restart your gadget to update.