Submachine Gun
Submachine Gun
Submachine Gun Cover art
Sight: Red Dot/Reflex Sight
Suit integration: On
Magazine Capacity: 90
Damage: Submachinegun damage
Rate Of Fire: Submachinegun rate of fire
Accuracy: Submachinegun accuracy
Movement Speed: Submachinegun movement speed
Damage To Head: 16
Damage To Body: 12
Damage To Tank: 16

Submachine Gun (SMG) was developed by the ISA's security division using lightweight composite materials and advanced suit integrated electronics. The SMG offers increased mobility and improved accuracy while in flight.

Tactics Edit

  • SMG is most effective in the skirmish mode on the maps such ISS, Deadeye and The Arc. There are a lot of debris on this maps, which can hide you from the enemy bullets.
  • Short bursts of fire is more effective to kill the target, which locates 50 meters away from you.

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